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Golden Ears Chapter  

Photo Gallery

2017 Swap Meet - April 23 2017 Swap Meet - April 23 Marking the vendors' outside lot. 204020519 Perimeter fencing. 204020520 Fencing crew. 204020521 Gathering of the minds - setting up the barns. 204020522 Setting up the kitchen area, 204020523 Kitchen set up. 204020524 Swamp Meet! Look at the high water levels. 204020525 Outdoor vendors. 204020526 Vendors in outside lot. 204020527 Indoor vendor set up. 204020528 Family assistance. 204020529 Pancakes on the griddle. 204020530 Sausages on the grill. 204020531 Meeting in the parking area. 204020532 Kitchen staff. 204020533 Walk up puddles included. 204020535 Front gate set up. Handicap parking in the foreground. 204020534 Front gate line up - 8:00 a.m. opening. 204020586