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Posted by angholbrook on April 4, 2014 at 6:35 PM


Mark Francis (ICBC) outlined the current goals: ICBC is 40 years old & is updating the technology ($400 M,) maintaining healthy financials, supporting business partners, simplify/modify processes. A video (You Tube Volvo self-driving cars,) was shown to demonstrate the near future of driving. The Collector Car Program is small but important & is well-known across Canada. The application program has been improved to build public awareness of the criteria, thus preventing rejections, by implementing the 4 page application, updating info on, & updating brochures. ICBC agrees to expand the Mod. Vehicle to 1974 vehicles, expand to include replica vehicles, & to register out-of-province vehicles undergoing restoration

BUT this will not happen until the technology is in place 2016. There are 23 398 Collector/Mod. licences, 8 501 Antique, and 5000 annual applications. Of the 5000 applications received each year, a significant number are for transfer of title and this ensures the vehicles are maintained to meet the criteria.

Squeal Line: when a tip is received, the owner of the vehicle receives a warning letter. If photos arrive with the tip, ac-tion is taken and the account is flagged to not be renewed.

Era-correct parts: send photos & as much documentation as you can to support.

Japanese tiny trucks with rt. Hand drive: ICBC petitioned the Federal Gov’t to change the age to 25 years but there is heavy lobby by the Import Corporations. The vehicles have 44% higher crash incidence. Quebec rejects, PEI in process.

Installing a bigger engine: must be registered Modified, may require inspection.

You can submit questions to,

Declaration of Collector Car Appreciation Day (July 12th) to recognize outstanding contribution to charities & communities.

Tom Whiffen invited people to join the cruise to 100 Mile house for their car show July 12-13th.

SVABC currently has a good working relationship with ICBC; “No strength without working together.” ICBC was impressed with the number of members who responded to our survey. With government, numbers count so we need all car people & car clubs to join. Having Paypal on the web site helped increase membership.

The Board of Directors was elected to continue for 2014.

AirCare is finished at the end of 2014. There is no movement to privatize. There is a pro-rated cost.

Discussion about encouraging young people to get involved in the hobby resulted in these suggestions: ask young owners about their cars, visit high school shop programs, help youth with their car maintenance, etc. The NASKARS program in Vancouver (donated shop space & supplies, police volunteers, and kids who have stolen cars, building a car) resulted in saving $700 000 per kid…on stolen car settlements.

Remember the switch from HST to PST & GST? The New Car Dealers Assoc insisted that the 5% tax on every vehicle, boat, airplane, etc. continue. That tax netted $240 Million from July 2010 to Dec. 2013. Each time you purchase a collector vehicle, and any other used vehicle, the tax is collected again and again on the same vehicle…don’t you wish you’d sent a letter of protest to your MLA?

Some people want SVABC decals on their cars, others don’t want decals on their vehicles. The criteria for collector plates states no decals advertising commercial/corporate entities.

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